Mosaic Magazine

Tools used

Hotjar, Google Analytics, Tableau, Excel Macro

Basic info

A popular online publication looking to change its current business model from a free publication to a monthly subscription.

The customer journey seemed pretty straightforward but hit a bottleneck when it came to the checkout process. Mosaic also had difficulty converting casual and trial browsers into paying members.

  • Data Infrastructure & Analyses
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Design & User Experience

We quickly identified low hanging fruit such as a changing the checkout process yielding a 50% cart abandon rate ( industry is 75%)

After capturing user emails with a free trial we concentrate on driving traffic to our closed landing pages

By implementing segmented email campaigns we were able to generate new email subscribers with a CPA of $0.68 a valid email with a 3% conversion rate to paid subscribers

By creating dynamic content and optimizing creative we generated a 20% open rate and a 15% click through rate

42% increase in sales

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